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Let’s communicate!

Communication is a tricky business. One part art, one part science, garnished with experience and expertise. It’s difficult to get it right and the slightest mistakes can be disastrous for any brand. The words, the design, the tone, the colours, the pictures everything communicates a specific message to the readers and customers.

Communication is a holistic process, perceived as a single unit by the reader or prospective consumer. It comprises of whatever he or she sees, reads, hears and experience. The most successful pieces of communication are those that reach out and appeal to all the senses of a person.


Creative design touch your customer heart and create a value for your brand.


The people behind the miracle!

It’s the leadership that makes an organisation. People at the top who motivate people to perform better. To grow. Without an experienced team to run the show, even the finest carnivals will wither away. Here’s a look at the people who are behind the phenomenon that Benares calls Creative Graphics Design Studio (CGDS).


A graduate of fine arts from Benares Hindu University, he’s an excellent art director with 7 years of experience across some of the finest advertising agencies in the world and some very diverse brands. Over the years, he has also enhanced his understanding of Indian and Western art through numerous workshops and campaigns. To not just practices the art but also trains and hones young prodigies. From real estate to jewellery and from food to upholstery, he has made some really memorable campaigns for all his clients. Attention to detail and a knack for colours is what he plays to. He has worked on brands like Maaza and General Motors and Coca Cola. Having learnt the ropes in Delhi, he now heads the Creative Arts department in Creative Graphics Design Studio (CGDS).


The youngest of the trio, he is the quintessential businessman. With an acumen for the trade, he specialises in client relationships and business development. He holds an MBA degree in marketing from Benares Hindu University and has extensive work experience across multiple industries. Despite the fact that this is his first brush with pure advertising and communication, his outsider’s point of view often acts as an anchor in tight spots. He heads the Business and Finance departments at Creative Graphics Design Studio (CGDS).


An alumnus of Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad (MICA), he is the wordsmith on board. He writes sometimes for money and sometimes, just for fun. With 8 years in the business of advertising, he has worked with agencies like Leo Burnett, Lowe Lintas and McCann Ericssonm, handling brands like Woodland, Luxor, Maruti Suzuki, DLF, General Motors, Panasonic and many more. He specialises in writing text that’s not just relevant but also of a certain standard. He heads the Creative Copywriting department at Creative Graphics Design Studio (CGDS).


Another artist par excellence on board, he is an alumnus of Benares Hindu University with a specialisation in Indian and Western art. He loves to draw and paint. Professionally, he is an illustrator with an in-depth understanding of shades, colours, techniques and strokes. In 2013, he was awarded the Young Artist Fellowship by the Ministry of Culture, Government of India. He executes the illustrations and sketches at Creative Graphics Design Studio (CGDS).

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